Toontrack Dark Matter EZX Full version

Toontrack Dark Matter EZX Full version:

A powerful expansion pack for the EZdrummer 2 program, Toontrack Dark Matter EZX Full Edition is designed to satisfy the demands of artists, producers, and composers seeking a distinct and one-of-a-kind drum sound. This EZX addition pleases those looking for dark, somber, and unusual aural soundscapes with its varied selection of expertly sampled drum kits and noises.

Typical highlights of the Toontrack Dark Matter EZX Full edition are as follows:

atypical Drum Sounds: Dark Matter EZX is well-known for its unique and unusual drum samples, which perfectly capture the spirit of atypical and experimental drumming ideal for genres spanning from electronic to alternative rock and beyond.

Sonic Versatility: A vast range of drum kits are available for users to experiment with, each possessing a unique and mysterious quality that lends itself to a variety of musical genres that embrace the darker and more cryptic aspects of music.

Customization and Effects: An expansion pack usually comes with a range of mixer settings, effects, and sound-shaping tools that allow users to create and work with percussion sounds that have a melancholic, dark quality.

MIDI Grooves: Typically, a library of MIDI grooves and patterns is offered, giving users a place to start when creating original and unusual rhythmic compositions.

An easy-to-use interface for drum programming and arranging is offered by Dark Matter EZX, which is often smoothly incorporated into the EZdrummer 2 interface.

Compatibility: The expansion pack integrates easily into music production workflows because it is generally compatible with popular DAWs and virtual instrument platforms.

For musicians and producers who want to play with darker and more experimental sounds and push the limits of their work, the Toontrack Dark Matter EZX Full edition is a great tool. This extension pack gives you the tools to create a unique and innovative soundscape, whether you’re working on weird and dark drum textures for avant-garde compositions, edgy techno tunes, or any other genre that calls for them. Users are encouraged to explore the features and capabilities of this expansion pack by visiting the official Toontrack website or by consulting the accompanying documentation.


  • Two complete kits
  • Tailored for metal, hardcore and heavy rock
  • Recorded at legendary Antfarm Studio by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Behemoth, Hatesphere)
  • Features a broad collection of mix-ready presets
  • Includes a collection of drum grooves by Jami Morgan of Code Orange

By M S