Toontrack New York Studios Vol.3 SDX Full version

Toontrack New York Studios Vol.3 SDX Full version:

A superb addition to Toontrack’s virtual drum software, the “Toontrack New York Studios Vol.3 SDX Full version” offers a multitude of painstakingly recorded drum sounds and grooves that are firmly anchored in the renowned New York City music production scene. This expansion is the ideal option for musicians, producers, and engineers who want to achieve a timeless and polished drum sound because it perfectly captures the essence of the city’s storied studios.

As the third release in the series, “New York Studios Vol.3 SDX” carries on the legacy of providing top-notch drum recordings and samples. A vast array of drum kit presets, ranging from warm and punchy snares to strong kicks, resonant toms, and expressive cymbals, are included in the expansion.

The samples are meticulously recorded, encapsulating the subtleties and unique qualities of every drum sound.This expansion’s extensive library of MIDI grooves and patterns is one of its most notable features. Producing drum tracks that capture the timeless essence of New York’s music scene is now simpler than ever thanks to these professionally performed grooves, which are tailored to fit the city’s sound.

For a classic and polished drum sound, the “New York Studios Vol.3 SDX” is a useful tool that can be used on any genre, including rock, pop, jazz, blues, and more. It lets you bring the energy and accuracy of New York’s famous studios to your music, making it stand out with its superb drum tracks. This expansion captures the signature sound of a city that has influenced the music industry for decades, making it a priceless tool for sound engineering and music production.


  • Recorded in the legendary Avatar Studios in New York City
  • 18 GB of raw, unprocessed drum sounds recorded through Neve, Pultec and GML signal chains
  • Three (3) full kits (Ludwig*, Slingerland*, Rogers*) and additional snares
  • Several setups of different cymbals
  • Included MIDI library played by session drummer Nir Z
  • Included presets for instant mix-ready sounds

By M S