Toontrack Metal! EZX Full version

Toontrack Metal! EZX Full version:

The virtual instrument and sound library Toontrack Metal! EZX Full Edition was creataed especially to meet the demanding needs of the hard-hitting metal music production industry. This EZX expansion was created by Toontrack, a well-known brand in virtual instruments, and is intended to provide a broad and potent assortment of drum sounds appropriate for different metal subgenres.

A wide variety of drum kits, snare drums, kicks, cymbals, and other percussion parts that have been carefully chosen to portray the aggressive and subtle qualities of metal drumming are probably included in the full edition of Metal! EZX. Expect a variety of painstakingly sampled sounds, from sharp and cutting snare hits to thundering double bass kicks, which are crucial for attaining the intensity and dexterity needed in metal songs.

The Metal! EZX Full version is probably designed to work best with Toontrack’s EZdrummer or Superior Drummer software, as it has an easy-to-use interface with simple settings. This gives producers and artists the freedom to mold the drum sounds to fit their artistic vision, be it progressive metal’s precise and intricate patterns or extreme metal’s bone-crushing intensity.

For artists looking for a premium and adaptable set of metal drum sounds, Toontrack Metal! EZX Full edition is probably their first choice, whether they’re creating complex rhythms or scorching blast beats. It is advised to visit Toontrack’s official website or get in touch with their support team for the most current and correct information.




  1. All-new recording featuring DW Collector X-shell and Ludwig Quadra Plus drums
  2. Recorded by Daniel Bergstrand at Tanken Studio, Oslo, Norway.
  3. A total of nine (9) custom kits, remixed and layered with additional as well as personal samples by Mark Lewis, Jason Suecof and Daniel Bergstrand
  4. Included MIDI library performed by Dirk Verbeuren

By M S