VOCALOID CYBER SONGMAN II v5.0.0 Vocaloid Voicebank

VOCALOID CYBER SONGMAN II v5.0.0 Vocaloid Voicebank:

Offering a male vocal character with a modern and dynamic edge for music production and creative projects, the “VOCALOID CYBER SONGMAN II v5.0.0 Vocaloid Voicebank” is an exciting and adaptable addition to the VOCALOID family. The VOCALOID 5.0.0 series’ CYBER SONGMAN II gives users a unique, strong voice that works well for a variety of musical genres and styles.

The CYBER SONGMAN II voicebank’s remarkable quality is its capacity to exude a sense of power and presence. For musicians and composers who want to write music with a modern edge, confidence, and energy, this voice is a great fit. It’s a great option for rock, hip-hop, and EDM genres.

The CYBER SONGMAN II voicebank, which embodies the VOCALOID technology, makes the process of creating vocal melodies and lyrics easier. With the help of its library of pre-recorded phonemes and vocal samples, users can easily alter the lyrics and melodies.

For anyone producing music, whether they are a composer, professional musician, or creative artist, the “VOCALOID CYBER SONGMAN II v5.0.0 Vocaloid Voicebank” is an invaluable tool. It gives you the ability to write songs with a strong, dynamic male voice that will increase the impact and adaptability of your compositions. With the bold and expressive voice of CYBER SONGMAN II, you can venture into new musical territory and enthrall your audience with your powerful and dynamic vocal compositions.

 Extra Features 
CYBER SONGMAN has a second User Dictionary. One can switch between the two in order to have a more British or American accent.

By M S