Toontrack Modern Metal EZX Full version

Toontrack Modern Metal EZX Full version:

With the needs of contemporary metal music production in mind, Toontrack’s “Toontrack Modern Metal EZX Full version” is a potent expansion pack for its virtual drum software, EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3. This expansion pack is evidence of Toontrack’s dedication to giving producers, musicians, and metal fans the resources they need to craft strong and heavy drum sounds for modern metal genres.

The “Modern Metal EZX” is distinguished by its vast collection of painstakingly recorded drum samples, which encapsulate the unadulterated, aggressive, and raw qualities of contemporary metal drumming. Numerous drum kit presets, such as explosive toms, piercing cymbals, tight and punchy snares, and thunderous kick drums, are included in the expansion.

These samples provide a wide range of tonal choices to suit different metal subgenres, including progressive metal, death metal, and djent.

To guarantee a genuine and dynamic feel, the “Modern Metal EZX” includes a large collection of MIDI grooves performed by professional drummers in addition to the excellent drum samples. With a wide range of metal styles covered by these grooves, creating drum tracks for your compositions that are both bone-crushing and rhythmically complex is now easier than before.

The “Modern Metal EZX” is an essential tool for metal musicians, producers, drummers, and bassists in order to create the aggressive and massive drum sound that is needed for today’s modern metal music. Whether you’re aiming for the heaviness of a breakdown, the complexity of a prog-metal composition, or the sonic intensity of djent, it helps you to create music that meets the sonic standards of modern metal. This expansion provides you with the means to create powerful, precise, and impactful metal productions.


  • Recorded and produced by Will Putney at his Graphic Nature Audio studios in New Jersey
  • Sampled by Billy Rymer (Dillinger Escape Plan)
  • Includes five individual kits
  • Several extra kicks and snares as well as a wide range of cymbals
  • Kits and tones designed for every facet of modern metal
  • Features custom presets engineered by Will Putney
  • Includes a collection of MIDI for anything from heavy rock to brutal death metal

By M S