Toontrack Modern Metal EZX Full version

Toontrack Modern Metal EZX Full version:

For current metal artists, producers, and composers that want state-of-the-art drum sounds for their powerful and aggressive works, Toontrack current Metal EZX Full Edition is a must-have extension pack. With its carefully sampled drum kits and presets, this EZX extension is a veritable gold mine of the power and accuracy needed for contemporary metal music.

Typical highlights of the Toontrack Modern Metal EZX Full edition are as follows:


Robust and Forceful Drum Sounds: The Modern Metal EZX is renowned for its powerful and forceful drum samples, perfectly encapsulating the intensity and accuracy that characterize modern metal drumming.

Extreme Sound Customization: The expansion pack frequently offers a large selection of mixer settings, effects, and sound-shaping tools, enabling users to drastically alter their drum sounds to match the harshness and ferocity of contemporary metal genres.

Versatile Sound Palette: Users have access to a range of drum kits and presets appropriate for modern metal subgenres, such as progressive metal, metalcore, and djent.

Expressive Playability: The Modern Metal EZX usually has dynamic control that lets you produce strong drum sounds, like as double-kick patterns or blast beats.

Seamless Integration: EZdrummer 2 is typically built to work seamlessly with it, providing an intuitive interface for drum programming and arrangement.

Compatibility: The expansion pack may be easily integrated into music production workflows because it is generally compatible with popular DAWs and virtual instrument platforms.

For musicians and producers who want to make music that is sonically devastating and technically challenging, the Toontrack Modern Metal EZX Full edition is an essential tool. This expansion pack provides you with the means to produce a dynamic and intense output, regardless of whether you’re creating progressive metal, extreme metal, or any other subgenre that calls for a strong and contemporary drum sound. Users are encouraged to explore the features and capabilities of this expansion pack by visiting the official Toontrack website or by consulting the accompanying documentation.


  • Recorded and produced by Will Putney at his Graphic Nature Audio studios in New Jersey
  • Sampled by Billy Rymer (Dillinger Escape Plan)
  • Includes five individual kits
  • Several extra kicks and snares as well as a wide range of cymbals
  • Kits and tones designed for every facet of modern metal
  • Features custom presets engineered by Will Putney
  • Includes a collection of MIDI for anything from heavy rock to brutal death metal

By M S