Toontrack Metal EBX v1.0.3 Full version

Toontrack Metal EBX v1.0.3 Full version:

A fantastic expansion pack designed for producers, composers, and artists in the heavy metal and extreme music genres is the Toontrack Metal EBX v1.0.3 Full edition. This EBX extension pack provides an extensive collection of painstakingly sampled bass guitar sounds, ranging from forceful, palm-muted chugs to thundering, low-end growls, all expertly produced to satisfy the needs of metal music.

Typical highlights of the Toontrack Metal EBX Full edition are as follows:

Real Metal Bass Tones: The Metal EBX is renowned for accurately simulating an elite bass guitar while maintaining the strong, aggressive, and low-end qualities that characterize metal music.

Versatility: Whether it’s the booming, sustained notes of doom or extreme metal, or the fast, precise plucking of current metal, users can access a wide range of playing techniques and musical styles unique to metal.

Expansion packs frequently come with a wide range of articulations, which enable players to mimic the aggressive and subtle aspects of metal bass playing.

Sound Customization: To fine-tune their bass guitar sounds to match the intensity and style of their metal songs, users usually have access to a variety of sound-shaping tools, mixer settings, and effects.

User-Friendly Interface: Toontrack’s EZbass software often integrates the Metal EBX, offering a user-friendly environment for bass guitar arrangement and programming.

Compatibility: The expansion pack may be seamlessly integrated into heavy metal music production workflows because it is generally compatible with most DAWs and virtual instrument platforms.

For metal musicians who want their songs to have that thundering, aggressive bass sound, the Toontrack Metal EBX Full edition is an essential tool. This extension pack gives you the tools you need to produce an aggressive and earth-shaking bass performance, whether you’re working on death metal, thrash metal, progressive metal, or any other sub-genre that calls for a powerful and articulate bass presence. Users are encouraged to explore the features and capabilities of this expansion pack by visiting the official Toontrack website or by consulting the accompanying documentation.


  • A meticulously captured bass, optimized for a balanced metal tone
  • Sampled with finger, pick and slap options
  • Includes custom presets engineered by Forrester Savell
  • Preset collection covers a broad range of tones – from dark and gritty to bright and clear
  • Comes with a ‘Clean DI’ (direct input) preset option for both finger and pick
  • Includes a custom MIDI library content inspired by modern metal

By M S