Toontrack Duality I EZX Full version

Toontrack Duality I EZX Full version:

Offering an extensive range of painstakingly sampled drum kits, the Toontrack Duality I EZX Full Edition is a potent and adaptable expansion pack that expands the possibilities of the EZdrummer 2 program. The goal of this EZX upgrade is to satisfy the requirements of musicians and music producers who wish to experiment with the varied and complex tones of both contemporary and vintage drumming.

Important attributes of the Toontrack Duality I EZX Full edition frequently consist of:

Fusion of the Vintage and Modern: Duality I EZX is excellent at fusing the punch and precision of contemporary settings with the coziness and charm of classic drum sets. It provides a wide range of drum sounds to suit different musical genres.

Extensive Sampling: The expansion pack is praised for its excellent drum sampling, which manages to preserve the impact and clarity of modern drumming while encapsulating the spirit of vintage kits.

Diverse Drum Kits: A vast selection of drum kits and presets are available to users, each having a distinct aural personality that makes it appropriate for a variety of musical genres, from rock and pop to indie and alternative.

Tools for Customization: Duality I EZX usually offers a variety of mixer settings, effects, and sound-shaping tools so that users may customize their percussion sounds to fit the vibe and style of their songs.

Seamless Integration: With its user-friendly interface for simple drum programming and arrangement, the expansion pack is made to work seamlessly with EZdrummer 2.

Compatibility: It usually works well with popular virtual instrument platforms and DAWs, making it easy to incorporate into workflows for music production.

When trying to blend the finest of modern and classic drumming into their songs, producers and musicians can’t go past the Toontrack Duality I EZX Full edition. Whether you’re working on indie, modern rock, or any other genre that would benefit from a rich and varied drum sound, this expansion pack gives you the tools you need to create a unique and impactful drumming experience. Users are encouraged to explore the features and capabilities of this expansion pack by visiting the official Toontrack website or by consulting the accompanying documentation.


  • Mix-ready drums, tailored for dark, warm and organic-sounding hard rock and metal
  • Recorded by Jakob Herrmann (Evergrey, Raised Fist, Amaranthe) at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Sampled by Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyhra, Mekong Delta)
  • One full kit with three rack toms and two interchangeable floor toms
  • Six bass drums and eight snares
  • Two rides, two hi-hats and 13 crash/china/stack/splash cymbals
  • Includes a broad range of presets by Jakob Herrmann and Toontrack
  • Features a dedicated MIDI library performed by Alex Landenburg

By M S