Toontrack Classic Rock EBX v1.0.1 Full version

Toontrack Classic Rock EBX v1.0.1 Full version:

For guitarists, producers, and composers wishing to incorporate the timeless and recognizable bass guitar sounds associated with classic rock music into their songs, Toontrack Classic Rock EBX v1.0.1 Full Edition is an amazing extension pack. The carefully sampled bass guitar tones in this EBX expansion pack convey the warmth, rhythm, and melodic characteristics that are characteristic of classic rock music.

Typically, the Toontrack Classic Rock EBX Full edition has the following important features:

Real Classic Rock Bass Tones: The Classic Rock EBX is renowned for its extensive premium bass guitar sample collection, which painstakingly recreates the recognizable and catchy bass sound that has been a mainstay of classic rock music for many years.

Versatility: A vast array of classic rock-specific playing techniques and musical styles, including driving, strolling bass lines and melodic fills, are available to users, making it appropriate for a variety of classic rock compositions and sub-genres.

Expansion packs frequently come with a wide range of detailed articulations that enable users to mimic the emotive subtleties of vintage rock bass playing.

Sound Customization: A wide range of mixer parameters, effects, and sound-shaping tools are usually available to users, enabling them to precisely modify bass guitar sounds to reflect the tone and feel of their classic rock tunes.

User-Friendly Interface: Toontrack’s EZbass software often integrates the Classic Rock EBX, providing a user-friendly platform for bass guitar programming and arranging.

Compatibility: The expansion pack can be seamlessly integrated into workflows used in the production of classic rock music because it is generally compatible with popular DAWs and virtual instrument platforms.

For artists, producers, and songwriters looking to incorporate the nostalgic and melodious sound of classic rock bass guitar into their works, the Toontrack Classic Rock EBX Full Edition is a priceless resource. With the help of this expansion pack, you can produce a soulful and groove-driven bass performance for any vintage rock-influenced genre, including timeless rock anthems and retro rock ‘n’ roll songs. Users are encouraged to explore the features and capabilities of this expansion pack by visiting the official Toontrack website or by consulting the accompanying documentation.


  • A meticulously captured classic 1960s bass, optimal for a classic rock tone
  • Sampled with both finger and pick options
  • Pick option sampled in two different striking positions: neck and bridge
  • Includes a wealth of presets for a broad range of rock tones – from dark and muddy to bright and heavily distorted
  • Comes with a ‘Clean DI’ (direct input) preset option for all tools and striking positions
  • Has a custom MIDI content inspired by classic rock from the ’60s and ’70s

By M S