Toontrack Big Stage EZX Full version

Toontrack Big Stage EZX Full version:

For anyone looking for the distinct and potent sound of live drum performances on a huge stage, producers, composers, and musicians will find the Toontrack Big Stage EZX Full edition to be an amazing expansion pack for the EZdrummer 2 software. The enormous and lively selection of drum sounds included in this EZX upgrade captures the spirit and intensity of rock and pop concerts fit for stadiums.

The Toontrack Big Stage EZX Full edition frequently has the following key features:

Drum Sounds Fit for a Stadium: The Big Stage EZX is well known for their painstakingly sampled drum kits, which elicit the majesty and force of live performances in enormous arenas and stadiums.

Extensive Sampling: The expansion pack faithfully reproduces the subtleties and complexity of live drumming, guaranteeing that the performances possess the same vitality and genuineness as though they were performed on a large stage.

Broad Sound Palette: A vast array of drum kits and presets are available to users, all of which are designed to fit the larger-than-life sound that is essential for rock, pop, and other high-energy musical genres.

Effects and Customization: The Big Stage EZX frequently comes with a variety of mixer settings, effects, and sound-shaping features that let users mold their drum sounds for the most intensity and expressiveness.

Seamless Integration: EZdrummer 2 is usually built to work seamlessly with it, offering a user-friendly interface that makes drum programming and arrangement simple.

Compatibility: The expansion pack may be easily integrated into music production workflows because it is generally compatible with popular DAWs and virtual instrument platforms.


  • Recorded at Stora Teatern, a classic Gothenburg theater dating back to 1859
  • Engineered by Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Four complete kits, handpicked for maximum versatility
  • Features a set of concert toms as well as several extra kicks, snares and cymbals
  • Sounds ideal for anything from thunderous rock and metal to modern ambient pop, soul and more
  • Features several ambience microphones (far sides of the stage, ceiling, balcony and more)
  • Comes with mix-ready presets for a wide range of microphone setup variations and styles
  • Includes a collection of unique MIDI grooves and fills tailored for the kits

By M S