Toontrack Action! EZX Full version

Toontrack Action! EZX Full version:

The “Toontrack Action! EZX Full version” is a thrilling add-on pack designed for Toontrack’s virtual drum software, Superior Drummer 3 and EZdrummer 2. This expansion is intended to meet the requirements of artists, composers, and music producers who are creating intense and dynamic music, especially for action-packed and cinematic soundtracks.

A significant characteristic of the “Action! EZX” is its extensive library of painstakingly recorded drum samples that perfectly embody the spirit of action-packed music. It has a large selection of drum kit presets, ranging from aggressive snares and explosive toms to thunderous and powerful kicks, all aimed at giving users the tools they need to produce intense and exciting drum tracks.

Apart from its superior drum samples, the “Action! EZX” provides a vast library of professionally performed MIDI grooves and patterns. It is made simpler to create powerful and captivating soundtracks with these grooves since they are made to mimic the energy, dynamics, and rhythm of action scenes in films and video games.

For anyone looking to create music with a cinematic edge, be it a musician or a sound designer for video games, the “Action! EZX” is a priceless tool for producing that powerful and exhilarating drum sound. It enables you to bring the energy of action-packed scenes into your compositions, taking your music to new levels and creating a soundtrack that draws in and engages listeners. This expansion offers producers of music for action and film a vibrant and motivating tool.


  • Orchestral and traditional percussion
  • Acoustic drums and classic drum machine sounds
  • Percussive foley sampled from a rich variety of elements
  • Ideal for soundtracks and creative sound design
  • More than 450 individual instruments/sounds in total
  • 21 mix-ready presets with corresponding MIDI grooves

By M S