Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 v2.0.0 for Windows

Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 v2.0.0 for Windows:

With its creative sound manipulation and real-time audio processing capabilities, Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 v2.0.0 for Windows is a creative and potent audio effects plugin. This updated version of Effectrix builds on the popularity of the original model, adding new features and improvements that make it a useful tool for DJs, sound designers, and producers of music.

Some of Effectrix 2 v2.0.0’s salient features could be:

Creative Sound Manipulation: Effectrix 2 gives users the ability to alter audio in real-time using a variety of artistic effects, such as complex glitch and reverb manipulations, stuttering, and scratching.

New Effects: The updated version frequently adds new modulators and effects, giving you more options for creating unique soundscapes and a wider range of tones.

User-Friendly Interface: Sugar Bytes is renowned for their intuitive interfaces, and Effectrix 2 is no different. It offers a user-friendly platform that makes applying intricate effects simple.


MIDI Control: Effectrix 2 usually has a high level of MIDI integration, which lets users automate and control effect parameters for expressive and dynamic performances.


Compatibility: Windows users can integrate this plugin into their current production setups because it is made to function flawlessly with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs).

A popular option for people wishing to infuse their music production with a dash of originality and inventiveness is Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 v2.0.0. Its vast effects palette and real-time manipulation capabilities make it an adaptable tool for altering audio and producing original grooves and textures. Effectrix 2 is a useful tool for bringing your audio concepts to life, whether you’re creating electronic music, remixing songs, or dabbling in sound design.

  • 32-step effect sequencer with swing and dynamic length
  • 14 high-class effects from classic to advanced
  • Up to 12 complete setups (patterns)
  • Intelligent random
  • Flexible modulation per step
  • Dynamic signal flow
  • Individual Dry/Wet and global Mix control
  • Over 400 handcrafted presets

By M S