NoiseAsh Rule Tec All Collection Free Download Latest Version for Windows PC & MacOS. This full offline installer offers a standalone setup of NoiseAsh Rule Tec All Collection for seamless installation.

NoiseAsh Rule Tec All Collection Free Download


For decades, legendary passive equalizers have been the go-to choice for top recording and mastering engineers, renowned for their unparalleled tone and sonic character. Now, after extensive research and meticulous craftsmanship, we are thrilled to unveil the Rule Tec® Collection – a suite of incredibly accurate models of these iconic equalizer units. Immerse yourself in the timeless sound of the Rule Tec® Collection and experience the legendary tone that has shaped the music industry since 1951.

Preserving Musical Legacy:

A Legacy of Excellence:

The Rule Tec® Collection encompasses the Rule Tec Heritage Pro, EQ1A, and EQ5M plugins, each meticulously crafted to replicate the signature features and sonic characteristics of the original units. With these plugins, you can harness the legendary tone and musicality that have graced countless recordings over the past 70 years.

Interactive Analog Behavior:

Our team has painstakingly modeled the unique and complex interactive analog behavior of the original units, ensuring that every boost, cut, and adjustment retains the unmistakable warmth, clarity, and character of the vintage hardware. Experience the same musicality and smooth curves that made these equalizers a staple in professional studios worldwide.

Versatility and Power:

All-in-One Solution:

The Rule Tec Heritage Pro plugin combines the EQ1A, EQ5M, and FC3C models into a single, powerful unit. Whether you’re mixing or mastering, this versatile plugin offers unparalleled flexibility and sonic control, making it an indispensable tool for audio professionals.

Tube Saturation:

Even when the EQ is set flat, the Rule Tec Collection adds a subtle yet desirable tube saturation to your signal, enhancing warmth and depth. Use it on every track to inject vintage character and analog warmth into your mixes, elevating your sound to new heights.

Seamless Integration:


Despite its rich analog emulation, the Rule Tec Collection is designed to be CPU-friendly, ensuring smooth operation even in the most demanding sessions. With resizable GUIs and intuitive controls, these plugins seamlessly integrate into your workflow, allowing you to focus on creativity without compromise.

Specifications and Compatibility:

System Requirements of NoiseAsh Rule Tec All Collection:

  • macOS / OS X:
    • Intel I3 2GHz or above
    • OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
    • 4GB RAM / 2GB free space on system drive
    • 64-bit VST / AU / AAX host DAW
    • Min. 1024×768 Screen Resolution
  • Windows:
    • Intel I3 2GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
    • Windows 7 64-bit or above
    • 4GB RAM / 2GB free space on system drive
    • 64-bit VST / AAX host DAW
    • Min. 1024×768 Screen Resolution


With the Rule Tec® Collection, you have the opportunity to unlock the legendary sound that has defined generations of music. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, these plugins offer a gateway to a timeless sonic palette, steeped in history and revered by audio purists worldwide. Elevate your sound with the Rule Tec® Collection and embark on a journey of sonic excellence.

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