Multiband X6 v1.0.28

Multiband X6 v1.0.28:

As of January 2023, when I last updated my knowledge, I am not aware of any specifics regarding “Multiband X6 v1.0.28.” It is crucial to remember that information regarding software releases and versions is subject to change, and the data presented here is based on common knowledge.

If “Multiband X6 v1.0.28” is a software product, it probably refers to a multiband audio processing tool that could be utilized in sound engineering or music production. The capacity of multiband processors to divide an audio signal into several frequency bands is well known. This feature enables more accurate manipulation and control over various frequency ranges.

Version 1.0.28 raises the possibility that it’s an early build with improvements, bug fixes, or feature additions made since the original release. Incremental version updates usually bring with them improvements and refinements for users.

Regarding “Multiband X6 v1.0.28,” its features, improvements, and best practices, please consult the official documentation or get in touch with the developer for accurate and current information. This guarantees that users are aware of all the latest features and updates related to the software, including any changes made in version 1.0.28.


  • Up to Six Bands: Use X6 as a single-band compressor, or precisely control every part of the frequency spectrum.
  • Smart Gain Compensation: Keeps the level consistent as you dial up the compression, saving you time and effort.
  • Auto-Threshold: Analyses the input signal, then sets the thresholds for consistent compression across all bands.
  • Input-Output Match: Automatically adjusts the output level to match the input, for accurate A/B-ing.
  • Configurable Crossover: 6-band Linkwitz-Riley crossover, with configurable slope per-band up to 48dB/oct, with minimum and linear-phase modes.
    Mid/Side Processing
    : Shape the stereo width of your mix, and control mono elements independently.
    External Sidechain
    : Perform sidechain ducking, with exact control over every frequency band.
  • Lookahead: Reduce transients in advance, with a selectable lookahead of up to 20ms.
  • Up to 4x Oversampling: For the ultimate in mastering-grade sound quality
  • Professional Metering: Peak, true-peak, LUFS and RMS metering of both input and output.
  • Spectrum Analyser: Visualise the spectrum of both the input and output in realtime.

By M S