MLC Subzero 100 v1.0.823:

The essence of an alluring guitar tone has long been elusive in the dynamic world of music production. A paradigm-shifting development, the MLC Subzero 100 plugin marks a new high point in the field of digital amp simulations. This plugin, designed with extreme care and curated by the legendary Jens Bogren, expands the sound possibilities and allows musicians and producers to create unconventional guitar tones.

The MLC Subzero 100 is a tribute to ingenuity at its heart. An exclusive, top-notch guitar amp simulation that resonates with the essence of music has been created through the union of cutting-edge technology and Jens Bogren’s famed sound design talent.This plugin offers a level of authenticity unmatched in the industry, whether you’re looking for the unbridled intensity of a live performance or the fine details of a studio recording.

The MLC Subzero 100’s versatility is what actually sets it apart. It gives digital tones a sense of warmth and vibrancy that reflects the natural characteristics of vintage tube amps. The plugin’s versatility means that it isn’t constrained to any particular genre or style; instead, it adapts to your creative vision and provides a musical palette that is only constrained by your creativity.

 Channel 1

A glassy, three-dimensional character ranging from sparkling clean to classic tube overdrive.

 Channel 2

Offers a more British-inspired ‘plexi’ crunch with a present midrange.

 Channel 3

This is high-gain territory. This channel has a juicy, gnarly character with a tight low end and unique clarity. The amp is a fully featured, extremely accurate model of the physical amp, with a simplified interface to help you dial in the tones efficiently. The power amp tubes can be switched per channel between 6L6 and EL34 — a feature unavailable on the physical MLC Subzero 100 amp.


By M S