Drumagog 5 Platinum v5.21 + Factory Library

Drumagog 5 Platinum v5.21 + Factory Library:

Together with the Factory Library, Drumagog 5 Platinum v5.21 is an advanced and potent drum augmentation and replacement program that’s frequently used in audio engineering and music creation. A variety of tools are available in this software to assist engineers, producers, and musicians that want to enhance and perfect drum tracks.

Typical features of the Factory Library and Drumagog 5 Platinum v5.21 include:

Replacement Drums:

Drumagog is renowned for its sophisticated replacement drum capabilities. It produces a more consistent and polished sound by replacing or enhancing individual drum strikes inside recorded files, either automatically or manually.

Sample Library:

The Factory Library provides a huge range of excellent drum sounds and samples, like as kicks, snares, cymbals, and other drum kits. Frequently extendable, this library lets users upload their own samples for personalization.

Precise Triggering:

Drumagog has precise triggering technology that precisely recognizes and substitutes drum beats to produce drum tracks with a realistic sound.

Mixing and Effects:

To further refine and polish the audio, users can add effects like EQ, compression, and reverb to the upgraded or replaced drum sounds.


The program can be easily incorporated into current production processes and is generally compatible with a wide range of digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Real-Time Performance:

Drumagog is useful for live performance applications since certain versions support real-time triggering.

To enhance the quality of their drum tracks, engineers and producers can use Drumagog 5 Platinum in conjunction with the Factory Library. It provides the freedom to manipulate a large variety of drum sounds and customize them to a project’s particular needs, guaranteeing a polished and expert outcome. To obtain comprehensive details regarding the particular features and functionalities included in this version, please refer to the Drumagog website or release notes.

 FEATURES Drumagog 5 Platinum v5.21 Full version

  •  Advanced Triggering Engine Catches All, Even Hi-hat Articulations 
  •  Full-Wave Alignment 
  •  Triggering, Dynamic Tracking, Stealth Mode and Auto-Ducking 
  •  Matched Room & Overhead Samples From One Hit 
  •  Drum-optimized Synthesizer 
  •  Convolution Reverb  
  • Morph | Engine  
  •  Plug-in Hosting  

By M S