Boom 3D v1.3.14

Boom 3D v1.3.14:

As of September 2021, when I last updated my information, Boom 3D was a macOS-only audio enhancing program. It appears that version 1.3.14 is a follow-up release that includes possible enhancements. Here’s a broad summary of what Boom 3D customers can generally anticipate:

Boom 3D is an audio augmentation program designed to give Mac users a rich, immersive audio experience. It provides a number of features.

Enhanced Audio:

Boom 3D typically improves your Mac’s audio quality by giving sound from a variety of apps and media more richness, depth, and clarity.

Equalizer and Effects:

To help users customize audio settings to their liking, the software frequently comes with a 31-band equalizer with presets and effects. Users can become fully immersed in their audio by simulating a 3D surround sound experience.

System-Wide Audio Control:

This feature allows users to modify and control audio settings for all apps. It is especially helpful for games, videos, and music.

Personalized Audio Presets:

Boom 3D has the potential to offer adaptable audio profiles, enabling users to establish and store their favorite audio configurations for various situations or musical styles.

Volume Booster:

To boost the system’s audio volume over the default macOS constraints, it usually comes with a volume booster feature.

Device Compatibility:

Boom 3D is frequently compatible with a variety of audio output devices, including as external speakers, headphones, and more.

Those looking to improve their Mac’s audio quality should consider this software, especially if they use it for multimedia, music, or entertainment. It is recommended that users confirm the precise features and enhancements included in version 1.3.14 and confirm that it is compatible with their macOS version.



By M S