Avalon VT-747SP v1.0.1

Avalon VT-747SP v1.0.1:

As of January 2023, when I last updated my knowledge, I am not aware of any specifics regarding “Avalon VT-747SP v1.0.1.” But given standard procedures in the audio business, this alludes most likely to a hardware component or software plugin connected to Avalon Design, a business well-known for producing high-end audio gear.

The Avalon VT-747SP is a well-known stereo compressor and preamplifier, if hardware is involved. This rack-mounted gadget provides warmth and versatility with both solid-state and tube processing. A Class A, all-discrete design is standard on the VT-747SP, offering transparent and melodic sound quality. A full range of controls for EQ, compression, and other audio processing features are included.

Version 1.0.1, if it’s a software plugin, might be an update to the first version that adds new features, enhances performance, or fixes bugs.

To obtain the most precise and current information about “Avalon VT-747SP v1.0.1,” one should visit Avalon Design’s official website, the developer’s site, or get in touch with the business directly. It’s possible for hardware specs and software versions to change, so keeping up with official channels guarantees access to the most recent advancements and enhancements.

  • Full dynamic control from soft compression to hard-knee limiting can be achieved with master threshold, compression ratio, attack and release controls.
  • Gain reduction indication is a large analog-style VU meter.
  • Low and High Frequency (LF and HF) contour parametric spectral controls can be routed into the internal side-chain path for enhanced frequency dependent compression with variable frequency and threshold levels.
  • SC LISTEN switch provides side chain listen mode for easy monitoring, or creative EQ applications.
  • 6 band graphic EQ models the smooth characteristics of an all passive design. The frequency turnover, Q and amplitude ranges have been carefully chosen for each band to provide the most natural harmonic balance with lowest phase change while offering simple and effective tone control.
  • Graphic EQ can be placed pre or post compressor for enhanced versatility.
  • TSP (Tube Signal Path) which gives you the choice of either tube tone (utilizing three virtual high-voltage dual triode tubes), or the classic, Class A discrete transistor sound (utilizing virtual discrete transistor amplifiers) in the primary opto buffers and output stages.

By M S