Adobe Substance 3D Painter v7.4.1 for MacOS

Adobe Substance 3D Painter v7.4.1 for MacOS:

This version introduces optimizations and features specific to MacOS, enhancing the user experience for Apple device users. With its focus on streamlining the web design process and ensuring adherence to responsive design principles, Bootstrap Studio v6.0.3 for MacOS remains a valuable tool for creating modern and visually appealing websites with ease.

At the forefront of 3D texture painting and material authoring software, Adobe Substance 3D Painter v7.4.1 for MacOS offers designers and artists an unmatched collection of tools for producing realistic and intricate textures. This version, which is MacOS optimized, guarantees a smooth and effective workflow for digital artists.

The program shines at enabling users to paint directly onto 3D models, offering a dynamic and simple method for creating complex materials and textures. Because of its layer-based methodology, intricate materials with realistic details—from surface flaws to subtle textures like metal scuffs or fabric weaves—can be created.

Working with both high-poly and low-poly models, a large library of smart materials, and a real-time PBR (Physically Based Rendering) viewport are some of the key features. Substance 3D Painter facilitates a unified creative ecosystem by integrating easily with other Adobe Substance tools and Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

This version ensures a responsive and dependable experience by introducing MacOS-specific performance enhancements and optimizations. For digital artists who want accuracy and realism in their 3D texture painting projects, Adobe Substance 3D Painter v7.4.1 is still a vital tool, regardless of whether they use it for virtual production, animation, or game development.


  • Full creative freedom
  • Smart tools for enhanced artistry
  • It helps you achieve the look you want, from product design to realistic games and visual effects to projects such as stylized animation
  • Powerful paint engine
  • Smart Materials and Smart Masks
  • Easy exports
  • VFX support
  • Automatic UVs
  • And so much more…..

By M S