Adobe After Effects v23.6:

The newest version of Adobe After Effects, version 23.6, is the pinnacle of video post-production. Its powerful features enable users to smoothly edit videos and add high-quality special effects. With new time-saving capabilities like the direct import of CINEMA 4D scenes without any intermediate rendering, this version improves the creative process. Layers of text and video will integrate more easily as a result. After Effects v23.6, which is renowned for its skill in motion graphics and visual effects, enables dynamic content creation and collaboration with Team Projects. This update makes it simple to synchronize After Effects settings between devices, ensuring a reliable and effective creative process. In essence, Adobe After Effects v23.6 builds on its reputation as a market-leading compositing and animation tool, advancing the visual effects and motion graphics industries.

Adobe After Effects v23.6 Key features: 
  1. Automate broader functions and actions
  2. Behavior-style presets for auto movements
  3. Controlling and smoothing motion shots
  4. Create more high-resolution (HD) projects
  5. Create motion graphics and visual effects
  6. Easy syncing of your Adobe AE settings
  7. Hundreds of transitions, and plug-ins
  8. Import objects and scenes of CINEMA 4D
  9. Multiple motion trackers and stabilizers
  10. Multitrack audio support with editor
  11. Powerful animation and compositing tools
  12. Powerful color-correction (Color Finesse)
  13. Render multiple frames simultaneously
  14. Reproduce the original camera movement
  15. Support for 2D, 2.5D, and extruded 3D
  16. Support for multiple media types (formats)
  17. Work at multiple bit depths, and much more.


By M S